Benefits of use of this framework


The picture above depicts some of the benefits when the framework is used.


Multiple streams can be transformed into one outcome. The streams can be the teams, or different areas of Organization, the framework can be zoomed-in or out depends on the needs and goals.


“Rosetta Stone of CI/CD” was already mentioned in Framework section. This framework creates the common ground to discuss CI/CD for different parties with different “languages”, like business, developers, managers, C-level, etc.

Process alignment

The framework allows to align processes of value delivery throughout whole Organization. Also allows to find and eliminate waste and bottlenecks in the process.

Defined boundaries

All businesses have their boundaries. Some of them don’t influence processes, however some of them can be strict limitation for the delivery process. This framework allows to indentify, collect and evaluate all boundaries in the CI/CD process.

Cooperation between teams

As mentioned in Unification and Process alignment, this framework enables cooperation and common practices.

Understand common goal

Agile brought “freedom” into the teams, allowed the teams to be self-organized and cross-functional. Unfortunately, these principles are not well understood or used by Organizations and teams (not always, fortunately :) ). Through focus of self-organizations, teams lost the ultimate purpose here - on the end of the day, not the team delivers product to market, but an Organization. This means that alignment of the teams through the Organization’s goals must be ensured. This framework allows the participants to keep this goal(s) into focus.

Connection between areas

When involved parties in the Organization understand each other, the communication is easier and the progress towards the goals can be done faster.

Set common direction

It was mentioned before - the Organization set the “ultimate goal”. All parties within the Organization should set their goals within the boundaries of the main goal’s scope.


The high level benefits of this framework are related to unique and missing way of gather all aspects of healthy and effective CI/CD process together. It becomes obvious to the author that specialists need the tool / framework to “connect the dots”, especially when scale becomes critical aspect of growth and current ways of controlling the processes becomes insufficient.